Alimentarte de tuppers: muchas más ventajas que inconvenientes

The tupper is our friend. We have already returned to the routine and what better way to do it than taking care of ourselves, and take that tupper with homemade food to college or work. It is not strange to see the great bodybuilders make a few meals to take, but for normal people it is also very useful, and also, healthy. We tell you the advantages and inconveniences of having a tupper instead of eating out.


This is a fundamental point, since not all economies can afford lunch or dinner every day away from home, so the tapper is indispensable. And even if you can afford it, know that you will save a lot of money with VADEPLATS. If a menu costs around 10 euros and you eat three days a week away from home, we easily get 120 euros a month, which you can save a lot if you let us take care of the stove.

feed on tuppers
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You lose weight

We all know what it means to eat out: more fried, sauces, uncontrolled and excesses, more than what allows us to burn our metabolism. We usually blame certain foods for fattening, when what really counts is the total caloric balance. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t had breakfast and at lunchtime we put 2,000 calories on the lunch menu between starter, second and dessert, and another 2,000 calories at dinner time because we’re hungry. It is the advantage of making more meals and spread throughout the day: the tupper allows us to better calculate the portions and include vegetables in our diet.

You gain health

If we have previously talked about fried foods, sauces and lack of control, it is clear that we will gain in health if we remove them from the diet and on the contrary we add our own portions of vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. In addition, there will be less chance of suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies if we know how to buy properly in the supermarket. Meals away from home do not usually lead to healthier foods, and it is easier to fall into excesses.

You prevent metabolic diseases

Metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity or hypertension are closely related to our daily diet and diet. In fact, according to a study by the University of Cambridge published in Plos Medicine, the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes decreases due to the greater frequency of homemade meals. So you know, let’s eat tupper!

Eating tupper decreases anxiety

If you eat tupper, you will significantly reduce the additives and sugars that cause anxiety and are present in processed foods. Also, if you usually have a lot of anxiety between hours, you can make sure to fill your tupper with satiating foods rich in animal and vegetable proteins, which release serotonin, a hormone that helps you feel more satiated during the work day.